by Laura Harris

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(free) 03:16


released September 1, 2011

Laura Harris: vocals | acoustic guitar | harmonica
Kyle Agot: bass
Rob Schmidtke: electric guitar (tracks 3, 4, 5)
Matthew VanderKwaak: electric guitar (tracks 1 & 2)
Christopher Haskell: drums (tracks 1, 3, 4, 5)
Brady Van Leenen: drums (track 2)
Jake York: organ | keys
Chelsea Peters: cello
Isabel Chow: violin
Gang Vocals: friends (track 2)
Kids Choir: Strawberry Shortcakes of “The Gathering”
Produced | Engineered by: Christopher Milani & Laura Harris
Mixed by: Christopher Milani
"Cover" Produced | Engineered | Mixed by: Laura Harris
Mastered by Keith Molberg at Tech Centre Studios in Caronport, SK
Recorded at Tech Centre Studios in Caronport, SK
Photography | Artwork | Design by Christopher Milani
All songs written by Laura Harris
"God is Love" written by: Laura Harris with Rob Schmidtke
Thank you: mom, dad, Josh, Linsey, Jessi, Nanny, my family and friends, The Gathering, MW, teachers, professors, poets, writers, artists, everyone who has supported me and my music, Chris, Keith, Josh, Atlantic, all the musicians who made this EP and these songs come to life, and our Father who gives us breath.



all rights reserved


Laura Harris Moncton, New Brunswick

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Track Name: Confession & Forgiveness
A table sits between the two
With faces white and thoughts astrew
“I never meant to hurt you babe, I’m sorry.”
As these words linger in the air,
Confession seems to bring despair.

If I give you a loaded gun, my pride and freedom are undone.
Could you ever let me live? Can you somehow me forgive?

A friendship fades as sand passes
Through the fingers of hourglasses.
Hours turn to weeks, to months, to years.
An invitation to let go while wounds are still about to show

You won’t get your freedom, if you up and shoot
You can’t get your freedom, if you execute
Track Name: Cover
Thick veneer covers secrets so sick,
Like make-up, a coffin, on the Eve of a hit.
Scales cover their eyes for just enough time
To topple the order and cause mankind’s demise.

Do not be afraid now.
I’ll cover you.

Naked, hiding, trust a thin idea,
Guilty and bleeding—a wound for all to feel.
Empty handed, scared for your lot,
Undeserving, a treaty is wrought.

Abel to kill now, brothers somehow,
The deed it is done now, blood cries from the ground.
Spiraling spiraling spiraling out,
East is calling—we can’t drown it out.

A lamb is sent, a lamb is born,
Who will not kill another.
A fully human one is torn,
He heard the cries of my dead brother.

Kill to cover, kill to cover you.

Take my leaves, cover me.
Track Name: Cynicism
My cynicism offers too much company
Its claws are gripping my mind so masterfully
If it’s my choice to think outside my default brain
It’s seems my will has not a single thing to say

A master, a mastered?

Is it possible, to let go of all that I cling to?
Is it possible, to end these battles and wars?
I’d like to drop my arms and signal my defeat.
Is it possible? I’d like to think so.

My mind always gives me doses of tyranny
This crown is mine it offers me consistency
An army of men couldn’t dethrone this master
So with a prayer I will beckon a helper

Is it possible, to choose to lose my choices?
Is it possible, to end these battles and wars?
I’d like to drop my arms and signal my defeat.
Is it possible? I’d like to think so.
Track Name: Terms
I’m so glad I knew you before you changed so much.
Don’t think I would love you if we started off again.
I’m having a hard time now adjusting me to you,
Widening a palate to fit something new

The glory of affection could be in our fate,
Appreciating goodness that’s different from my taste.
I’ll answer your one question, in word not in deed:
This is not what matters more to me.

If only I was comfortable in my own skin
If only I could come to terms with my maker

I don’t want to be you ever in my life
It’s scary when I feel your presence in the rights
I’ve memorized so well now, if only it were your
Words instead I think I’d know you so much more

Conversation is like tiptoeing on glass
Careful what is said now or it might be the last
Trying so hard to say what you need
Friendship for a season isn’t good enough for me
Track Name: God is Love
God is love

ornate architecture
high above pupils
cast(.)! Judgment on their sockets
far above
these stands LOVE—idle (idol)

but we bow
(HELP)less to succeed.

Ruling its wors(hip)pers (failures).
Orders too
T(all) for minds, hands, hearts.

God is (Love is God) is love.
love is not God.

but we bow
but we bow
but we bow
to Him who redeems.